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The Best of 2017


2017 flew by way too fast. It’s not until I think about all that I’ve experienced that I can actually feel the length of the year. Luckily, I have photos of my year that help remind me how amazing it was.

I am an avid follower of Gal Meets Glam, and she posted 6 Ideas for Reflecting on a Full Year. Her post inspired me to follow her ideas so I can appreciate how great my year has been and acknowledge what I’ve accomplished!

GMG: Write down 5 accomplishments you were most proud of this year and how you took the steps to achieve these pivotal moments.

  1. I accomplished both of my 2017 New Years Resolutions: to book another co-star (I’ll be on Scorpion in January!) and to start doing freelance web development work (thanks, Lance!)
  2. Nerd stuff: I played in a season of a new RPG on Maze Arcana called Anesidora and made a ton of new friends! And I created my own Twitch show, Damsels & Dishes.
  3. Booked my first national commercial: My GAP commercial is still playing and hopefully there’s more to come!
  4. Traveled to new cities abroad: Tulum, Mexico; London; and Bruges, Belgium
  5. I fulfilled a dream goal of learning stage combat weapons! I became certified in broadsword and quarterstaff and I loved every minute!

GMG: Add 5 more goals you’re looking forward to tackling/accomplishing in the new year. Jot down a few notes or keywords beside each goal with initial steps for getting these plans started. I.e. new travel destinations, hobbies you’d like to try, or changes to your daily routine etc.

  1. In 2018, my main goal is the same as it usually is – I want to continue to advance in acting and book more substantial roles. I need to get new reel footage out!
  2. I’d like to grow my show Damsels & Dishes. My goal is to reach more viewers and step up our game with programming.
  3. Travel: I want to travel to Asia or South America in 2018. I haven’t been to those continents, yet!
  4. Volunteer: I want to spend more time in 2018 volunteering. I’ve been feeling the pull to do this, but I just need to prioritize time to do it.
  5. Consume all the geek media: more comics, more anime, more video games, more RPGs! I’ve got a list that has grown out of control!

GMG: Write down the names of 5 people (or 10 if you’d like!) who were the best supporters during your hardest and happiest times this year. Send them a ‘Thank You’ card or kind e-mail reminding them of what their presence this year meant to you. It’s always important to remember the relationships that have strengthened over time and express gratitude to the person(s) who contributed to your personal growth.

I definitely plan on doing this! I’m not terribly sentimental, but when someone takes the time to write me a handwritten letter, I can’t part with it. I have stacks of handwritten notes from over the years in a memory box, and they still make me tear up when I pull them out. I want to share my thankfulness with the people who meant a lot to me this year.

GMG: Take a scroll through your camera roll in your phone or on your computer and find the top 5 moments/pictures that make you happiest when reminiscing on that memory. Make it a goal to print those photos, frame them (if possible) or display them in a place you’ll see often throughout the week and use those photos as a reminder of the moments you want to continue to create in 2018!

Well, I probably wont print my photos, but I’d like to share my best 2017 moments here!

Favorite moments of 2017:

    • Getting my first tattoo(s)
    • Floating in a cenote in Tulum, Mexico
    • Seeing Bruges at sunset up in the Belfry, right as the bells rang
    • Stage combat summer workshops
    • Playing D&D with The LAWW
    • Exploring Anesidora
    • Creating my own cooking Twitch show, Damsels & Dishes with Lexcee
    • Marching in the Women’s March in Los Angeles
    • Attending the The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball
    • Shooting my first national commercial and singing at Capitol Records
    • Playing in an abandoned prison with the crew of Devil’s Acid
    • Modeling on Keanu Reeves’s Arch motorcycle at Cinegear
    • Hanging out with my roommate-friends Alesha and Alaina


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  • Lexcee
    December 29, 2017

    Love this! Proud of you!

    • Jessica
      December 30, 2017

      Thank YOU for being a part of my favorite memories of 2017, Lex! Cheers to Damsels & Dishes!

  • Sara
    December 31, 2017

    Love this post and LOVE that you’re gonna be on Scorpion! You’re my little starlight and you kick ass and I think you’re fabulous. Keep rocking the blog, Twitch, and our TV’s!


    • Jessica
      January 4, 2018

      Aww thanks, Sara!! Happy New Year to you too! Love to you and the fam!

  • Alaina
    December 31, 2017

    You’re so awesome! Love you, Jess <3

    • Jessica
      January 4, 2018

      Thank you! <3 you too!

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